Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 430: Snowy Zurich & That Nice Gentleman!

23 January, 2011

I had a stopover at Zurich on my way to Geneva. And very excitingly, for the first time ever, I saw a city covered in snow. I have seen snow before... during my trips to Europe previously and even during the recent trek in the Himalayas, I have seen them. But they were usually on the peaks and mountains and I had never seen a city or town in snow yet. And in Zurich I could see that! Made me super happy! I kept thinking... ah so this is what it looks like, in real!

Anyway, that was really good because Geneva was as cold at -3 but with ZERO snow. So at least I got a glimpse of it in Zurich!

I should also make a special mention of the passenger sitting next to me on the 13-hour flight from Singapore to Zurich. Due to budget constraints, I was flying economy one way and I wasn't looking forward to it at all! I had a window seat (which I really don't prefer especially for long flights but for the first time Singapore Airlines screwed up on my preferred aisle seating) and this pretty much made me immobile. But this kind gentleman was always helping me out, whether it was to hold my food as I fumbled with the seat tray to place it on; or whether it was calling me to check whether I wanted anything to drink as I was deeply engaged in watching "Social Network" and thus was ignoring the air hostess asking me; or making sure he passes me everything first, before taking one for himself, be it a glass of water or hot towels or snacks. AND the best part - he didn't attempt any lame conversations either. He left me to myself throughout for which I was really grateful! So thank you sir, whoever you are... thanks to you, that flight was a lot more pleasant than what I could have hoped for!

570 more to go.

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