Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 426: Really Funny Guys

19 January, 2011

There are funny guys and then there are really funny guys. Three such guys, who also happened to be part of the Mausams team, were at my place today for some patch up dub work. And thanks to them I had an immensely hilarious evening which made me forget completely about an issue at work which otherwise would have bugged me to death. Jokes apart, we also discussed about my next project, which always gets me excited. In short, it was a day I would have expected to go terribly wrong but thanks to these dudes, it was pretty tolerable after all!

Lesson: make sure you are surrounded by funny people. The really funny ones if possible.

574 more to go.


  1. Shilpa!! just noticed your blog entries are dated to 2010, i think you may want to change that to 2011... have a great day!!! :)

  2. hey thanks!!! :D looks like i have done that to quite a few posts! blah! :D thanks a bunch!