Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 428: First Full Ambient Sound File

21 January, 2010

This might be a totally irrelevant thing to anyone who has not made a film and hence did not have to go through the painful process of sound design... but to me this is a BIG deal!

After quite a bit of work by my sound design team in India, a large number of painful hours trying to work the goddamn internet to send reference files to and fro for approval, me spending considerable amount of time reviewing the bits and pieces that came in etc., today I got to see the full movie with an actual decent sound. It had all the ambient sounds and dubs in place and it felt AWESOME!

Sure, there is still foley work and BGM and patch up dubs and balancing and mixing and all that kinda stuff remaining but I felt that finally the movie is beginning to look like a real movie...that definitely feels really good and I happily spent until 2 am reviewing it. No complaints!

572 more to go.

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