Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 416: Lady. I Am.

9 January, 2011

First I pretended to be a Tai-Tai, even though a temporary one. Now am turning in to A True Blue Lady. A Quintessential Woman. A Feminine Chick.

Here's why:

a) I shopped. In fact, I stepped out of the house with the sole objective of wanting to shop. That's like freaky! And wait, that's not the end of it... it was not just today morning but it started from yesterday evening!! Within 24 hours, I had acquired a total of 8 tops (OK fine, a few of them were $6 t-shirts, but STILL!)! It is a record! Too cool!

b) Just when one would think the shopping was the height of it all, the feminine drive really kicked in and I found myself wearing make up and a nice dress and high heels (which hasn't happened since October 2009) for dinner! Usually these things happen only during special occasions such as an anniversary or birthday or if the venue requires a decent dress code. But today I wore those without any particular reason! Extraordinary!

Now the best part is all that dressing up readily got my mom and in-laws to squeal with delight (while the hubby simple rolled his eyes in acknowledgement, in case you were wondering). They started taking a million pictures and fussed royally over me. Here's a snippet:

Mom-in-law: Oooooh.... look at her dress!!!
Me: Thank you (smug)
Mom-in-law: Oooooh.... look at her shoes!!!
Me: Thank you (smug)
Mom-in-law: Oooooh.... look at her bag!!!!
Me: Erm... bag did you say?
Mom-in-law: Yeah it's SO NICE... is it new?
Me: Erm.. no? This is what I have been carrying to office every day? (not too smug)
Mom-in-law: Ohhh... hmmmm!

OK fine, so my shoddy everyday dressing has been taking away the beauty of my bag! Nevertheless, it was an awesome experience! Getting to know my much ignored feminine side and of course being fussed over!

584 more to go.

P.S. And no, the dress and heels and makeup have got nothing do with the hubby giving me a 5.

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