Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 328: Handwriting

13 October, 2010

It was a very normal day of work. It didn't even have the highlight of some exercising because I was too lazy for it. The day would have ended with pretty much nothing to write about, until yet another intellectually-stimulating, jaw-droppingly enlightening conversation took place between The Hubby and I. Over Handwriting. His and Mine.

It all began like this. While he was packing for yet another business trip to Korea, I was writing down my things-to-pack for the upcoming trek. After I was satisfied with the rather long list, I showed it to the hubby, partially to get his opinion on whether I might have missed out something and partially to show off. After all, I am going on a rather adventurous trip and he is not joining. Ha!

He glanced at the paper and commented (rather uselessly, if I may add): "Your handwriting sucks."

Me: It's better than yours.

He: No, it's not.

Me: Erm... yes, it is.

He: No, it is not.

Me: how?

He: Mine is like hmmmm....aaaahhhh. Yours is like uuggghhhh....eeeuuuu.

Me: Oh. That makes sense.

He: *shrugs*

Me: Why don't we test it out? You write something on one page and I will write the exact same thing on another page and we can compare the two pages!

He: *shrugs*

Taking the shrug as an acceptance to the challenge, I started brainstorming for the ultimate sentence which, upon being written, would determine whose handwriting rocks and whose sucks. Finally a sentence was agreed mutually agreed upon: "I will be travelling next month."

I wrote the sentence first. He wrote the sentence next. We put both the pages side by side.

"See? This one is SO much better", both of us synchronized...each pointing at his/her own writing.

Me: is yours better than mine?

He: Your "u" and "v" look the same.

Me: Your "n" and "v" look the same.

He: So?

Me: that would be a bigger problem!

He: Still.... yours just doesn't cut it.

Me: And yours does?

He: Of course. Mine is like... it... you know... it just... it just Flowers Out!

Me: Am sorry what?

He: You know it just Flowers Out?! (he is very excited by now and is indicating some flowering action with his hands)

Me: Erm. Do you mean "blossoms"?

He: Ah... blossoms... that's what it is. It blossoms!

Me: But you called "blossoms" "flowers out"?

He: Of course. "Flowers Out" makes so much more sense than "blossoms". These English had nothing better to do than make new words for things that ocould already have been expressed with current words. (Looking rather exasperated with the English for their stupidity but at the same time pleased with his own contribution to the English vocabulary). "Flowers Out!" Ahh!

Me: Fine. so why does your handwriting "blossom" or "flower out" and mine doesn't?

He: You look at mine. It says "I've arrived". You look at yours. It says "I'll never make it in life."

Me: Huh? You are telling me that I'll never make it in life?

He: No. Not you. Just your letters.

Me: What?

He (sighs, then gently places his hand on my shoulder and gives me a rather patronizing look): It's OK my dear. I don't expect you to understand it. (Significant pause) Your handwriting is alright. If that makes you happy.

With that he went back to his Korea packing.

672 more to go.


  1. Dear Shilpa
    May I, first of all, say what a delight it is reading from you :) I remember you very well (Bhavan's :) ), and this evening happened to talk to a batchmate of yours from there, Karthik Gautham, who reminded about this blog. Sangeetha, when she came to invite teachers for her wedding, had mentioned this unique effort of yours, blogging for those 1000 days till you hit the magic age. I have a theory about it:) I also remember your creativity and genius, all of which is still tangible in your writing, and your involvement in the arts, as I have been reading.
    This one on handwriting, I had to comment on! A topic dear to my heart, though I myself have a terrible one! Lol @ Hubby's observation, at the end!
    Incidentally, you still look like a schoolgirl :) :)
    All the best with the publicity and release of your film!
    God Bless!

  2. Hello Ma'am!!! :) Hope you are doing very well! I couldn't believe it at all that I got a comment on the blog from one of my school teachers! It absolutely and completely made my day! :D Thank you so much for writing in! I really really am so touched!

    I also happened to take a quick look at your blogs via your profile... I didn't realize you were such an avid writer! Incredible!

    Hope to meet you and the other teachers next time I am in town and stay back for more than a couple of days! Please do convey my regards to all the teachers at Bhavans!

    P.S. Whats you theory about the magic age? :)

  3. Nice to read the reply as well... :) And to have you sending a friend request :) Thank you :)

    Wl convey your regards too!

    Ah, the theory. Well, this is from my college days, so please bear with the boring nostalgia I might degenrate into! At a leadership camp we were taken to, while in college, we were asked what we saw ourselves as being, at 30. Apparently, at about 16 or 17, what you desire, or project yourself as being, at that wise old age of 30, is usually what you turn out to be. I wrote, I remember, very cleary - Teacher. English Teacher. Knowing fully well, it was nigh on impossible :D!

    The rest, as they say, is legend :) :) So, 30, for me is a magic age, because that is around when I actually began my BEd training, almost 10 years after I finished college (+2 kids to boot!). If that is not magic, I wonder what is. And I got into teaching only for the love of it. So.... there it is!

    Thanks for asking, and letting me share another nugget. Lol! Avid writer? More like one who does not know when to stop the flow of words :) Take care, Shilpa. And Kudos to you for the film. Proud of you!

  4. Great to hear about your teacher dream and how it turned out to be true! :) Inspirational! Let's see how my 30th year fares out! Thank you for all the wishes! You too take care and have a great time! :)

  5. And here I am where I started :) Hope that the 30th is just as magical, theory or no theory :)