Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 665: In-Laws, Birthdays, Fun!

15 September, 2011

Today my parents in-law came down from India. My brother & sister in law are staging a play over the weekend and they have come down for it. It is always fun to have the parents visit but this time, given that the hubby is not around (he is still on his business trip in India and would be coming down only on Saturday), he had left me with a thousand instructions that would ensure the parents' comfort (yeah, as if am utterly incapable of figuring it out myself)! So yesterday Jumillah and I had worked on setting their room up etc. and today I left Jumillah with a few instructions so that they can be welcomed in style (i.e. with good tea, some light snacks and such, once they arrive) since I had to go to work.

They arrived and I understand that was welcomed in some good quality style (Yay!). I also brought over a cake for my dad-in-law's birthday celebration and we had a small but nice blowing-candle-cutting-cake ceremony!

Later in the evening, we met up with the bro & sis-in-law over dinner and had another round of celebration for dad's birthday, which was again fun!

Parents in town, nice celebration, fun day!

335 more to go.

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