Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 653: Farewell Party!

3 September, 2011

Given that today was to be the last day the entire family from my mom's side, who all have gathered for the wedding, would be together... we had a kinda farewell party. Parties here basically mean lotsa food, drinks, music & dance!

And yes there was indeed a LOT of food, all prepared by my uncle and aunt. I was stunned by the very elaborate spread! From what I can remember there were tapioca with chilli chutney, chicken curry, chicken fry, prawns curry, channa masala, fish fry, beef fry, peas & egg, quill egg masala, dry potatoes, paratha, chappathi, rice. All made by just the two of them. Amazing!

The highlight amongst the drinks available was definitely good old Kerala toddy! Fresh from the coconuts!

And then came the music and dance. For the last couple of days I had been hunting for fast paced songs to dance to! My collection was put on a loop and we danced away till the night!

It was an awesomely fun evening and now, like all other good things, this too is coming to an end! Sigh! But I shall be leaving a very happy and satisfied person!

347 more to go.

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