Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 658: Dhaka International Film Festival!

8 September, 2011

The most amazing thing happened!!

I was stuck at home today and feeling overall a bit blue - about having a flu and a very annoying sore throat, about missing Onam by just a few days given that I was in Kerala last week (for the unaware - Onam is the biggest festival of my state which just began), and the fact that my poor little film, Mausams, which got accepted into the Silent River Film Festival will be pretty much an orphan there with no representation by its makers - the festival starts tomorrow and Mausams is scheduled to be screened on Monday but due to schedule and budget constraints, none of the Mausams team members would be present for it! It's rather disappointing.

As I was mopping around for the above mentioned reasons, an unexpected message popped up on my Facebook. It was a request for my phone number from the festival director of the Dhaka International Film Festival, on the Mausams Facebook page. I had applied to this just a couple of weeks ago and I thought that he probably wanted to tell there is something wrong with the DVD because it was too soon for anything else. I messaged him my number and we spoke very soon after that.

And to my utter astonishment and delight, he told me that Mausams is an official selection at the Dhaka International Film Festival! I found it rather unbelievable because this is a super duper prestigious festival and Mausams to be selected was like a feeling beyond this world!

And to top this, he insisted that I attend the festival and I heard myself repeat, "Yes, I will be there... I will be there... "!! There is NO way I am gonna miss another chance like this, if I can help it!

Now you see why this is the most amazing thing?! It's like just when you thought something is beyond hope, God flings another little hope your way. That is just a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!!

This super awesome news was soon communicated with my Mausams team members, family, friends etc... and the rest of the day was spent with a huge grin on my face!

342 more to go.


  1. have u applied at rotterdam film festival also?

  2. Rohan - thank you very much! :)

    Ashima - nope! I send to very few festivals because each entry is very expensive! Also we can screen only in those festivals which accept DVD screenings which I dont think they do at Rotterdam. We dont have any of the usual formats for screening!