Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 650: Wedding Day Fun!

31 August, 2011

Finally it's the day of the cousin's wedding! Pretty much everything that happens at a wedding happened - getting dressed most elaborately, running around and helping out in whatever little ways you can and feeling rather important in the process, meeting and catching up with relatives whom you haven't seen for ages, gorging on awesome feast etc. - all of which can be summarized as pure, unadulterated fun!

Oh I must also mention that part of the fun was contributed by the process of "Mallu-fying" the hubby. It was quite an experience getting him, a North Indian, to wear the Kerala dhothi (called "mundu") and walk around the whole day. He was the center of attention since the simple Kerala folks seemed highly amused by the presence of a Hindi-speaking non-Mallu amidst them, that too wearing a mundu. This amusement gets further heightened occasionally when he splutters a few Malayalam words that he has picked up over the past few days! I must also point out that the hubby, on his part, seemed to rather enjoy all that attention!
The hubby and I at the wedding

After the wedding, we spent the evening at the cousin's place, going through the pictures taken on my camera, commenting on everyone and everything that our eyes caught. In other words, reliving the wedding.

Another cousin gets married. Another round of wedding festivities end. But a ton of fun it was!

350 more to go.

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