Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 662: The Planner!

12 September, 2011

I am a sucker for making plans. Making to-do lists and ticking them off. Planning for weeks, months or years ahead. But then that must be obvious by now on this blog.

So yes, I am a planner by birth. But even planners-by-birth have their planner's block. When faced with certain complex questions under very restricting circumstances, even the best of planners stumble.

And one such question that has come up in the past and that seems to come up very frequently these days is "How can I manage both my work and my film making (or other such creative pursuits such as theatre, drama, dance, painting etc.), both of which I do enjoy and need for my existence, without killing myself in the process (as what happened with Mausams)?"

One can easily see why this question is not one with a very straightforward answer. But hey, I think I just found a super cool, well calculated solution today!

I basically looked at the number of days of leave I have in a span of 2 years and divided them up for home visits (i.e. visit my/hubby's homes), travels (short getaways and longer holidays) and creative pursuits that would require me to be physically away from work for a few days (vs. managing them over weekday nights or weekends).

After a few revisions I think I cracked the number of days I will spend on each of the above in a way that would allow me to continue with my job productively, take some time off for movie making or any such extra curricular activities every two years AND also take enough holidays!

I can't tell you HOW good that feels! To have figured out how to manage everything without letting go of one or the other. It is relieving, exciting and makes me feel super duper happy!

That's probably one of the best planning exercises I have done. Now for the execution!

338 more to go.

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