Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 925: Recognitions!

Today I got to announce the promotion of my ABM (I.e. Assistant Brand Manager who works under me)! This is the first time I got to promote someone from my team and it was an incredibly proud moment for me! She has been working on my team for the last 2 years and it was quite a great feeling to see her grow as a marketer and as a business owner in her role and finally getting her much deserved promotion, a great advancement for her career. One of the highlights ever in my role as a manager!

I got the opportunity to announce her promotion at a big organization meeting. It was a half day meeting that started off with these announcements and then went on to cover some other agenda. I left half way because the key parts relevant to my role were done early. Only to get a phone call from my manager asking me my whereabouts (I was happily back at home by then) because they were apparently giving me an award for my work towards the end of the day! That was a very pleasant surprise! 

Nett, a wonderful day - I get to recognize a team member and I get recognized by my team! 

75 more to go.

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