Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 926: Doing It All!

It was an end to end, completely, thoroughly fulfilling day. It was a physically, culturally, gastronomically, aesthetically enriching day and more!

I started the day with yoga (my first morning yoga session since pregnancy) and it felt good! Best part was that my mom in law joined as well and it was great to do the hour's routine with some good company!

This was followed by some beautification processes like eyebrow threading, again together with the mom in law, which always makes me feel good (very girlie, I know but what the heck!)

Then some amount of splurging was done on a couple of camera accessories - that was an expensive by still exciting bit of work and am looking forward to using all of them! 

Then we watched a Bengali movie, together with a few hundred Bengalis in a theatre! That was fun too! The film itself, Nobel Chor, was quite a pleasant watch and I thoroughly enjoyed this novel experience as well! 

Then we went to the temple, which incidentally had a bunch of Bengalis having some kind of celebration and this was topped off with really good Bengali dinner at Mustard! 

Very eventful, very satisfying day in all respects!

74 more to go.

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