Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 930: Winding Down!

Tomorrow night, am off to my first ever holiday since being pregnant (and also probably the last ever one with just the hubby and I)! While the packing etc has been progressing rather well, I had not been exactly getting into the holiday mood because of the millions of things I had to get done at work before I leave.

There is always extra work to do before you go on holiday but this time it is exceptionally so because I will be on leave for a week and then my boss is gonna be on leave for three whole weeks, which basically means that it is a month's work that I have to get done right now! Ugh.

Anyway, this basically meant that I had to work my ass off over the last few weeks and I had been rather stressed and tired. But today am pretty pleased (and proud even) that I managed to finish off everything, that too a day in advance!

I had a meeting with the boss in the afternoon to discuss the progress on one major project and he said that the work so far is good and the rest can be done when am back after the holiday.

Exactly at that moment I felt myself winding down. It would be no exaggeration to say that I could almost feel the workings inside my brain loosen up and relax and the holiday mood which had been avoiding me so strongly this far, entered into my head in full fledge!

Now it's time to go!

70 more to go.

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