Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 945: Surprise Festival!

I had almost completely forgotten about Mausams in the last few months and been moving on with my life, hardly ever thinking of it.

But today, totally out of the blue, my editor messaged me and brought to my notice that Mausams is an official selection at the Delhi International Film Festival! That was just too amazing and brought a avalanche of Mausams memories to my mind! I was so very pleasantly surprised!

It had happened because one of the members of the organizing committee of the Delhi festival was at the Dhaka film festival where Mausams was screened. He liked the film and had asked us to submit it for consideration for the Delhi festival. This was about 5 months ago! I passed him a screener and a few details and then completely forgot about it since then.

So when this wonderful news came by today, I was so thrilled! Needless to say, we went immediately to celebration mode because this is also the first festival in India that Mausams is getting to be a part of! I shared the joy with the cast and crew and family and felt on top of the world for the rest of the day!

Felt super grateful that something I had worked (very, very, very hard!) on such a long time ago, still continues to make me feel so good!

I won't be able to attend the festival because it is very close to my due date, nevertheless am very excited about this surprise festival entry!

55 more to go. 

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