Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 952: As Stiff As An Iron Rod!

I got back to prenatal yoga today, after a gap of about 4-5 weeks or so, and that's how I felt - as stiff as an iron rod. Gosh! I couldn't believe that a month of inactivity would make me this inflexible. And it's not even like I am doing regular yoga - this was pregnancy yoga which is like one-tenth as strenuous or demanding as regular yoga! Oh well.

So then the question is what's so beautiful about being stiff as an iron rod.

Well, what's beautiful is that I persisted. The iron rod that I am, continued to do the yoga aasanas in whichever way I could and lasted the entire one hour.

And that felt awesome! It was like getting back what I had been missing out from life the last few days!

So there, as stiff as an iron rod but still feeling pretty darn pleased about the whole thing!

48 more to go. 

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