Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 937: Isle of Skye, Quiraing, Kilt Rocks & More!

Today we went around the magnificent Isle of Skye!

Everywhere you turn it was just one gorgeous view after the other but some highlights were the Quiraing with its very interesting rock formations, high up on the mountains with a super gusty wind that chilled me to my bones and the beautiful Kilt Rocks!

But these are just two of the things I could really pick because they have names given to them, but in reality, every single nook and corner of this island was just mind blowing! I think the pictures will tell a better story here.

We drove around the island the whole day, had meals at some of the most wonderfully located cafes on the isle with breathtaking views, spent some time walking around the town of Portree which was the biggest town on the isle and had dinner at an Indian restaurant (different one from yesterday's) where the Bangladeshi waiter was ecstatic to meet Indians and kept addressing us as Dada and Didi.

I must also mention that I thoroughly enjoyed the three-way skype chat we did from our B&B with the parents (Kerala) and in-laws (Singapore)! We could give the most recent updates of the trip, get to hear from them, show them the view from our room, and even make plans for a trip somewhere together in the future! Super fun!

That's a summary and here are the pictures!

Sights on the way, somewhere on the Isle of Skye

Sights from the drive around the Isle of Skye


 Kilt Rocks

 Roads of the Isle of Skye

Roads of the Isle of Skye

63 more to go. 


  1. The pics are all beautifyfull..!!! and hey you are reaching.. 30..!!! in a couple of months..!!! that was really fast..!!!!

    1. thank you anoop! :) yeah 30 is approaching... i feel like it took forever! :D