Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 950: Dramatic Airport Farewell!

Pretty dramatic day! 

It was my in-law's last day in town. After 1.5 months of staying over, it was time for them to take their leave. So everyone including both of them, the hubby and I were a bit blue. I was certainly gonna miss all that pampering, especially since they were at unprecedented levels thanks to the pregnancy! 

Ideally I would have wanted to drop them at the airport, But I had a totally packed day at work with a lot of meetings and I had to tell my goodbyes in the morning, with no hope for making it to the airport. But as luck would have it, the meetings in the afternoon got cancelled one after the other, and I suddenly realized that if I rush, I can still catch them at the airport. 

So I rushed!

I took a cab but there was only so much the cab could rush and it took me a good 40 minutes to get to the airport. 

Upon barging into the terminal, I realized that there has been a last minute change and that the terminal has been changed to another one! Ugh! I had not told my in-laws that I am going over to the airport since I was planning to make it a small surprise. I was certain of the terminal number because we had checked it online yesterday, so there was no need to call them about that as well. But then again, as luck would have it Changi airport decides to change the terminal and I didn't get to know about it. 

So then I rushed to the other terminal. This time the sky train took its own sweet time to arrive and let passengers board and finally chug its way over. 

Once I got to the right terminal, I made my way in the general direction of where I expected them to be - somewhere between their check in counter, Starbucks and Ananda Bhavan restaurant, which are the usual hangout places. 

I didn't have to make it until there because half way down, I saw them right outside the door to immigration, just about to enter! I ran over and announced my arrival with great pomp and show! They were not expecting me at all and were thoroughly taken aback, so the surprise worked! Yay! A minute late and I would have completely missed them and all that rushing would have gone totally wasted!

So we had a round of final, elaborate goodbyes at the airport! It was nice and I was pretty happy with the whole deal!

Post seeing them off, the hubby and I decided to catch a movie. We booked ticket online for Men In Black 3, only to realize that we hardly have any time to get there! So that was another round of rushing, this time to the theatre! Seriously, one rushed day this turned out to be! 

But the movie was totally worth it, am always a Will Smith fan, so no complaints!

Post the movie, it was dinner at the amazing Absolute Thai and thankfully that was not rushed! 
So yes, it was a rushed day with a typical Bollywoodish last-minute airport farewell for full dramatic effect! But one that I loved!

And with that my friends, we have only 50 more to go! 

50 more to go. 

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