Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 940: Time to Get Home!

Yup, last morning in Scotland!

We had the last of our full Scottish breakfasts and packed up to leave for the airport. Given that Loch Lomond was not too far from Glasgow airport and we had a couple of hours to kill, we decided to invest that time wisely in shopping (again, it was raining so there was very little else to do). I think we have never shopped so much on a holiday, but we found everything very reasonably priced in Scotland and much cheaper than Singapore especially when it come to winter wear, which was our area of focus during the shopping expeditions.

After shopping, we got to the airport and dropped back the car at Enterprise. Once again, their service was exceptional and we were very, very pleased! That was a good last bit in Scotland and the rest of the day was eventless with just the long flights.

Needless to say, I was rather blue about the trip coming to an end, but am very happy to have made it in spite of pregnancy and such, because it was so, so, so worth it! What a gorgeous place!

And now, it's time for home.

60 more to go. 

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