Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 374: Fully Back!

Ever since I was done with the trek, I have been talking about how I am getting back to various things. First it was just getting back to Singapore. Then it was about getting back to work. Followed by getting back to the film's work. And now finally I have managed to get back to some exercising with a swim this morning! That gets me to be "fully back" to me pre-trek life (obviously the trek has made me feel like I have been to a whole another world and back)!

The swim was great not just because it brings me back to me exercise routine, but also because it was the first swim I've had with the hubby in a really long time (at least some 6 months, if not more)! So that was definitely quite fun, even though all he did throughout was complain on how the sun would make him dark! Apparently that's less of a problem for me since I am "so dark to start with anyway"! OK then.

Post the swim we made the routine weekend meet-up with friends and watched the movie "Break Ke Baad". I dunno whether it is because I am generally very upbeat about life lately, but I do seem to immensely enjoy the movies I watch these days in spite of the kinda of negative reviews they get. After Guzaarish, I thoroughly enjoyed "Break Ke Baad" as well!

So all in all quite a good day!

626 more to go.

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