Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 460: "There's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be"

Today was one of those days that I really enjoyed. In fact I enjoyed it so much that am gonna write this post to some considerable length, unlike the my micro posts that I had been getting away with over the past few weeks (or months?). Good news is also that I even have some spare time since am already done working on Mausams for today (done by 11:30 pm vs. the usual routine of 2am), which is quite brilliant!

So here I am comfortably settled on my chair and all set to tell today's story - over a banana and a glass of milk.

Before we start, let me tell you that the day wasn't special because one major mind-blowing event happened but because it was sprinkled with a lot of little events, which when put together, ends up being pretty mind-blowing! And these cumulatively-mind-blowing-little-events are:

a) Talking over the phone, for the first time, with a person whom I had gotten pretty close to over the past several months - I had written here about a girl based in Australia who had been following this blog and who one day, via an email, gave me a great surprise and thereby completely making my day. Since then, we had been regularly in touch with each other but only over chat. For some reason it didn't occur to either of us to pick the phone up and talk. But today we did, and we talked, and it was awesome!

b) Getting the first response to the Mausams teaser trailer from a member outside of the team - The teaser trailer is almost complete and I wanted to get the opinion from the "public", i.e. somehow who had not read the script or have much idea about the film. The chosen one was the girl above, and she loved it! Which in return made my day again!

c) Getting back to kickboxing class but more importantly making a big deal out of it - My colleague and I went together for lunch time kickboxing class. The class was fun but more fun was how we felt oh-so-important for having achieved our health goals for the day. Even the unhealthy lunch, Chai latte, dinner were all justified because hey, we went kickboxing afterall!

d) Dream team coming together - Mausams post production has been hard. I mean very, very hard. Post production is hard enough when the team members are located in one location, but in our case we are making things work with my sound designer/composer in Chennai, editor in Mumbai and me in Singapore. That's nothing short of a nightmare. And my hope and prayer and dream had been to have my composer and editor together in the same location as me just so that we can finetune the last few bits together. But I had no idea how that could happen because everyone had his/her own limitations until today it was confirmed that both of them would be coming to Singapore in March to complete the last and final cut! My Dream Team is coming together! Finally! Great new and fingers crossed!

e) Smiles at work - I had been battling one horrifying... lets call it "situation" .... for the last 1 month but today that situation was resolved. I felt really good about it and couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day!

f) Having dinner alone - After a really long time, I had my dinner (sushi, just in case you are interested) at a restaurant (Ichiban Boshi) alone, with just the company of a book. Whenever the hubby is not around I usually pack my food out and eat it at home while watching TV. But today I sat in a restaurant and poured over Yann Martel's Beatrice & Virgil.

And as I sat there, enjoying my sushi and book, Bryan Adams sang out (obviously Ichiban Boshi doesn't care much for Japanese music and associated authenticity)...

Here I am
This is me
There's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be

And I felt, yes. Indeed.

540 more to go.


  1. There are things you speak of with such passion and such grace, that I am back a few years down the lane, when we saw just that passion and grace, in school.

    Am glad that it has been with you and has grown stronger, and grown with you!

    God Bless!