Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 464: Incredible!

25 February, 2011

I had the most incredible day today!

a) There was some terrific response flowing in for Mausams teaser trailer released yesterday. I could feel even my cast and crew jumping up and down with excitement! My phone was buzzing throughout the day with calls and SMS, with everyone trying to tell me how many fantastic responses they got. It was all very encouraging really!

b) I realized that for about 1 year now, I have been working with someone who comes from one of the most prolific cinematic families in India! He told me that he completely could relate to my passion for film making and it is something he had been wanting to do for the longest time himself. And the conversation led from one thing to another, until he let me in on the secret that his parents, uncles, cousins etc. are some of the leading directors and writers in the Indian film industry! I was speechless!

c) I was contacted by the head of a local production company who is making a web infotainment series and wanted to feature mausams in it. But more importantly, she was a film maker herself and from her note, I felt that she really appreciated the effort at independent film making. When that comes from a fellow film maker (that too a professional one), it really makes your day!

d) A friend from university came forward to help with media contacts just when the Mausams team felt stuck with no media contacts. That was like a godsend!

In short, things were pretty rosy. That was an incredible day end to end!

536 more to go.

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