Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 437: Productively Back!

30 January, 2011

Everytime I get back from overseas, I write about how am happy to get back home and do nothing for a bit, or after a while I get back to office and dont crib about being back to work, or I get back to exercising or I get back to film work etc. etc. Mainly these "getting-backs" happen after a day or two, after I have a reasonable amount of rest. But this time, after I got back from Geneva, I found myself in the whirlwind almost immediately.

I got back at 8 am in the morning and slept fitfully until about 10:30. After that it was time for some packing for upcoming holiday, some film work, lunch and then a quick catch of the film Dhobi Ghat as I waited for my sound design files to come in. That was great, because that was pretty much the only "rest time" I had.

All the fun ended after that... the evening saw me spending about 7 hours on the film work with intermittent preparation and packing for the holiday, checking work emails, doing laundry etc. Am jetlagged and exhausted and in super panicky mode. My film looks nowhere near completion and I am going on a very ill-timed holiday, which am really wishing that I hadn't planned so very much in advance! It was supposed to be a post-film-release celebratory holiday... but it's turning out to be a pre-film-readiness nightmare.

BUT I did all that I could possibly do today. I have worked as best as I possibly can, in spite of all that tiredness, and for that fact this day would be beautiful. At least am not in giving up mode once again!

563 more to go.

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