Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 438: Not Fighting Alone

31 January, 2011

Another crazily busy day. Usually I do think that I have more than the average human productivity levels... like, I really can work on hours, days at end. But with this film together with work, I believe I have seriously reach my limits. But I must say that after that breakdown a few weeks ago, I have been dragging myself along reasonably well.

The interesting thing is that a lot of the pain and struggle you feel does go away when you feel there are others who share it with you. Today I felt that at least am not fighting the mausams battle alone. I know for a fact that my music composer is working his ass off in Chennai trying to put together the BGM and the songs to meet all kinda timelines. And that somehow is reassuring - the fact that someone else is working equally hard on this project. Then my darling cinematographer, once again, has gone beyond his call of duty and is helping me with getting the film ready for the censorship submissions, even as I would be away on holiday. It is SO very comforting to hear "Don't worry, just leave it to me and I will get it done." That is such a rare (but much appreciated) gesture.

So... thanks guys... for making this less painful.

562 more to go.