Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 445: Auckland, Waitomo, Caves, Glowworms, Bush

Great day! Am loving it here in New Zealand!


a) Breakfast near the beach with one of the hubby's very fun Kiwi
colleagues. And he pretty much gave us a tour of Auckland, which was
quite nice.
b) Beautiful drive from Auckland to Waitomo Caves Village through the
Kiwi countryside
c) Our gorgeous little room surrounded by stunning views at the
Waitomo Caves Guest Lodge.
d) The hour long walk through a cave full of stalactites, and
sightings of 1000s of glowworms! Amazing stuff!
e) Bush-walking! (Which basically just meant walking through a thick
forest)! This was quite an experience since it was just me and the
hubby in the middle of a jungle, with caves, bridges, streams to

555 more to go.

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