Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 447: Pacific Coast Highway and Speeding Ticket

Today we took a drive from Rotorua to Okitaki and back, the objective being to drive along the Pacific Coast highway. While the route with the ocean on one side was stunning, the highlight was getting a ticket for speeding! Ok the ticket part itself wasn't as much fun but what was amusing was the traffic police guy was the nicest cop ever! Even at about 6 feet 4 inches height and while slapping a $230 ticket on our car, he was so pleasant with us... It was almost as if he was talking to his long lost friends vs. traffic offenders. It made the experience a lot less painful!

553 more to go.


  1. that's a hefty fine, how fast were you guys driving? :P

  2. Sherene - we were at 99... The limit was 70 I think!

    Rohan - sigh... I know! :S

  3. oh oh..well you did your bit for the kiwi govt...:)

  4. The adventure/ excitement seems to heighten here :)