Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 455: Back & Not Blue!

16 February, 2011

I got back to Singapore today after a long 11-12 hour flight from Christchurch. Technically I should have felt very, very blue post the holiday but interestingly, I didn't get a chance to feel that way! Because just as I landed, my inbox was choking with several emails with updates on Mausams work, especially on the teaser and the theme music.

So yes, maybe am blue somewhere in the depths of my mind about a wonderful holiday getting done with, but thankfully the mind is overflowing with superduperexcitement to be bothered by that right now. Awesome stuff!

But I must drop in a word on New Zealand before I move on - I loved its amazing and varied landscapes, scarcity of human beings and abundance of other animals, the chilly weather with the strong winds, the overflowing number of Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Korean restaurants (which in turn promise much better food that steaks and burgers and sandwiches (yuck)), friendly folks, great roads, large number of senior couples out on their jogging/cycling/roadtrips (if I have that kinda health and passion at that age, my life would be pretty worthwhile) and the availability of Chai latte everywhere (and not necessarily just in that very rare Starbucks).

So yes I loved it. And now am back to the grind. Happily.

545 more to go.

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