Monday, April 30, 2012

Days 891 - 892: Days Out & Vicky Donor

28th - 29th April 2012

This weekend has been quite successful in getting out of the house. I felt considerably better versus last several weekends and spent a lot of time outside.

On Saturday, I had a nice lunch with a bunch of friends to celebrate one of my friends' 30th birthday. We spent a few hours at the Singapore Cricket Club over some great food and conversation.

On Sunday, I watched one of the best movies I had watched in recent times - Vicky Donor. It was a very well executed film and I was very impressed with the script and the performances.

Usually a movie is pretty much all I can take in a single day, but today it was coupled with lunch outside. And after a little break at home, the hubby and I set out to a nearby mall, and did a bit of shopping, and got our dinner outside as well. That is like almost an entire day outside. I felt really really good about it.

108 more to go.

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