Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 883: Feedback

One thing that has been bothering me post this pregnancy and the associated sickness is whether my work has been suffering. The number of hours I can put in productively has definitely taken a hit. I maximize the "work from home" flexibility that my company allows and I try and complete my work whenever I feel better which necessarily doesn't have to be office hours. One thing I would hate is under performing at work.

So today I gathered my guts and decided to ask for a honest feedback from my manager about the work over the last couple of months. My guess was that at best he would ask me not to worry about it because after all this is a difficult time. But instead, he gave me extremely positive feedback, and even told me that I have improved a lot over the last few months. Much to my surprise, happiness and utter relief. It completely takes away a lot of the burden I was feeling from being so ill.

Now I am all the more determined to do even better at work. This is probably one of the best things thats happened over the last few weeks. Feeling like I have been productive is of utter importance to me, and with his genuine feedback, I felt really good.

Here's to do even better.

117 more to go. 

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