Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 889: The Lovely Yoga Ladies!

I just love Bikram Yoga City Hall! Not just because of the quality of the yoga practice, which is of course great, but its owner (a truly iron lady) and every one who works there (mostly ladies too) are so super sweet and more importantly, so super principled and I love that about them!

In Singapore, most of the fitness centers are majorly into their sales. They keep calling up random people asking them to join; if you try a sample class, they stalk you until you sign up with them; everything is not black and white when it comes to rates and there is always negotiation involved. etc. etc. All of which I absolutely dislike.

But BYCH center was never like that and I always loved that about them!

For example, let's say you bring a friend for a trial class and the friend decided not to join, there are no questions asked or no sales talk to try and convince. The decision is immediately respected and they get back to their work. I have always appreciated that attitude about them.

Anyway, the reason why I have come to all this is I dropped an email to them telling them about my pregnancy situation and asked them whether I would be able to get a few months extension on my membership because hot yoga is not something I can do for a few months now. The reply came immediately. They congratulated me and told me that my account has been frozen and will be reactivated whenever I choose to go next and that they look forward to seeing the baby pictures! That's it! Not even questioning how many months I will be away nor telling me that plenty of women do continue with their hot yoga practice post their first trimester (which is true) nor telling me that there is a maximum number of months I can get an extension for, post which they will be forfeited etc. etc. I was truly amazed!

Their lovely gesture didn't end there. When the hubby went for his yoga class this evening, they passed him a pregnancy yoga DVD so that I can keep practicing at home, even if I don't make it to the studio. It was their studio copy and they let me borrow it for a while. It goes to show how much they really care for the true well being of their clients and how this is not a money minting establishment alone! Again, they did this on their own and not something the hubby or I asked for! Now I can't wait to start on it!

I just love this bunch of yoga ladies! God bless them!

111 more to go. 

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