Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 885: The Good and The Bad

It was not a completely good day because after her 1 month visit, my mom, went back to Kerala this evening. But we did make the most out of the day so it wasn't completely bad either. I kinda spent the whole morning chatting with my mom and then dropped her off at the airport together with the hubby. Thanks to my mom's impatience, we were way too early at the airport. So once the check-in was over we had a nice long early dinner at the Anand Bhavan there.

Then my mom left, but the hubby and I stayed back at the airport for quite a while as I tried to control a strong bout of nausea that struck. Over a ginger drink, that marginally helped, the hubby and I had a nice long conversation before we made our way back.

As you can see not a completely happening day, but the conversations and the food made it a little bit more beautiful than it would have been otherwise.

115 more to go.

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