Friday, April 6, 2012

Days 865 - 869: IOK and more!

2 April - 6 April, 2012

I have decided to combine the past five days posts because (a) I am too sick to be writing on a daily basis and (b) whatever that made me happy over the past five days is pretty consistent. So might as well combine the posts.

So here we go, what made me happy over the past 5 days - The fabulous response to my short film Inganeyum Oru Katha!!! I've been bombarded by tons of emails and messages from friends, acquaintances and perfect strangers , every single day! Just when I feel too sick and thoroughly miserable, a message pops up and I break into a smile. These days would have been far worse had it not been for these lovely gestures from everyone around! So am very happy about that!

There were a few other highlights over the last few days as well that I must mention here.
(a) A gathering with my friends to celebrate the short visit by one of our very close friend who had shifted to India as of last year.
(b) The beautiful rainy days that Singapore has been witnessing for a few days now.
(c) The visit to Mata Amritanandamayi and the 4 hours that I spent there with complete freedom from nausea and sickness. I enjoyed the meditation and Bhajan sessions and her particular message on how every small effort in our past builds up to reap a fruit someday, made me link it back to my IOK situation currently.
(d) The lovely 3 kilometer walk under a full moon lit sky with my hubby and my mom after days of confinement in the house.
(e) Last, but not the least, the fantastic entertainment I am getting as I watch my wonderful hubby typing out this blog as I dictate it out to him!

131 more to go.

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