Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 887: Pool Therapy!

Am not really sure why I didnt try this in the last few years I have been living in this condominium, but today I realized that it is highly therapeutic to sit by the swimming pool, close my eyes and listen to the lovely sounds that the pool, the fountains and water features make!

Today I didn't feel like swimming or walking, but I made my way down and just sat by the pool just to get some fresh air. It was quite dark except for the pool beautifully lit from under the water, giving a gorgeous blue tint to the water and throwing lovely dancing shadows all around.

In the beginning, I sat for a while on one of the cane sofas there, listening to some music on my phone and when that felt boring, I switched it off and just decided to stare ahead at the pool. In a short while, I felt that I was getting very calmed down by the gurgling sounds of the water streams. With the calm, lighted blue waters ahead and the sounds of the gentle water flow all around me, it was almost hypnotic!

I sat there for much longer than I had initially planned to, and it felt really, really peaceful! To think this was something available all this while, right at my doorstep and I took this long to truly appreciate it!

Definitely doing this more often!

113 more to go!

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