Monday, April 9, 2012

Days 870 - 872: Sharkkara Ada, Idiyappam, Ishtu, Next Project, Midnight Walk, Health & More!

7 April - 9 April, 2012

I am going to do a combination post again. This time, not because what happened over the last few days were the same thing, but because it is just easier this way. There is just way too much fatigue to be writing separate posts for each day. So I'm going to do a list.

1) the first good news is that while there is fatigue, I haven't thrown up in three days! Yay! So happy! With this whole extravaganza in my life, I am really appreciating the importance of good health!

2) Mom made delicious Ilayile Sharkkara Ada which is a coconut-jaggery mix in a rice flour wrap, which in turn is wrapped and steamed in banana leaves, followed by awesome Idiyappam and Ishtu!Yum!!

3) I have started to think of the next film project, which is very ambitious of course in the current situation, but who is to stop me from thinking! It at least gives me something to think about!

4) IOK feedback is still pouring in, and it makes me feel so awesome!

5) The hubby is single handedly making all the plans for our next vacation which is a first of its kind gesture from him....usually it's me who plans everything from first to last. So this is incredibly sweet of him and I feel awesomely pampered!

6) I had my first meal outside in several weeks, when the hubby took me out on a midnight walk to the nearby food court where we had Onion Paratha, Egg Paratha and Teh Halia!

7) I have started to meditate! I keep thinking that I will do it but never do, or even if I start, it hardly lasts, but now am enjoying it and it keeps me level headed and not lose my cool (by the way, I lose my cool because I get frustrated from the sickness, tiredness, etc) But now it very slowly seems to be settling down and that makes me a lot happier and at peace!

128 more to go.

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