Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 888: Venturing Out, On My Own!

What an evening! It was like I finally managed to get out of jail!

Given that I was always sick and weak for several weeks, whenever I ventured outside for a walk or for a bit of shopping or for grabbing a quick meal outside, I was always being accompanied by someone - either my mom or the hubby. The only exception was my office but everywhere else I used to have someone with me, for very good reasons too. Many at times I had felt weak and just have sat down on the ground and refused to move for a while and it is always good to have someone with you during these situations, even if it is only for moral support.

Anyway, I have been feeling better the past few days, so today I decided to go out on a walk all on my own. Armed with a salted amla to fight any potential nausea and some cash in case I need to get a cab back, I set out. I took my usual jogging route but instead of jogging, I walked of course. For the good part of an hour, with a couple of breaks in between, I was outside in the big, bad world all on my own and I survived! Nausea, fatigue etc. were under control and I loved the I-me-myself time out in the open!

I felt like such a brave, strong girl! All grown up!

112 more to go. 

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