Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 41: An Experience Ends

Today is the last day of my mom's and aunt's holiday in Singapore. My mom would visit soon again, but not so sure about my aunt. Anyway, I had a fabulous two weeks with her. Just like I had predicted here, I was part of her wonderful excitement in travelling abroad for the first time in her life. And today is the last day of that experience.

So how was today special. Today was special because we reminisced about the past two weeks over and over again. I left work a couple of hours earlier than usual and spent time with her chit chatting and having general fun. We rewound the last two weeks via watching the photo slideshow over and over again. We had dinner and took a long walk together. And now after I finish this blog, am gonna spend some more time with her before she takes her flight tomorrow early morning.

I am really gonna miss having her around. But I know she is gonna go back with a million beautiful stories to tell and memories to keep. I haven't posted any pictures in this blog so far, but I think I will put up just this one as a simple reminder of the fun we had.
959 more to go.

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