Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 38: Christmas!

I am not a Christian but I still think Christmas is the most beautiful festival in the world. I somehow love the universal festive spirit that it brings and also everything that it stands for. So I am generally happy every Christmas.

This year too, as usual, I didn't have a Christams tree or a Christmas dinner at home, but I joined in the festival by waking up super late (11:30 am to be precise), watching many movies that run on TV (I caught around 3 today), chilling out with mom, aunt and hubby in and around Dhoby Gaut and binging on some great food both at home (prepared by my mom and aunt) and outside.

On top of that, what made it truly special is that I received a few unexpected Christmas greetings from friends I haven't spoken to for a while, which was really awesome. It felt great to be part of their thoughts this Christmas!

962 more to go.

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